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1. OPPOSED (ADJECTIVE): (विरोधी): against

Synonyms: opposition, averse

Antonyms: in favour of

Example Sentence:

He had always been opposed to discrimination.

2. EXTENSION (NOUN): (विस्तार): prolongation

Synonyms: lengthening, increase

Antonyms: shortening

Example Sentence:

The initial term of appointment is for one year with an extension of two years.

3. AFFORDABLE (ADJECTIVE): (किफायती): inexpensive

Synonyms: reasonably priced

Antonyms: unaffordable

Example Sentence:

Homes have become affordable now and is no more a luxury.

4. ACCIDENTAL (ADJECTIVE): (आकस्मिक): fortuitous

Synonyms: chance, adventitious

Antonyms: intentional

Example Sentence:

Land might be let at a fixed rent but accidental loss falls on the tenant.

5. ROUGHLY (ADVERB): (लगभग): approximately

Synonyms: about, around

Antonyms: exactly

Example Sentence:

We all took a walk of roughly 13 miles from our hotel.

6. PREDATORY (ADJECTIVE): (हिंसक): predacious

Synonyms: carnivorous, hunting

Antonyms: defensive

Example Sentence:

Species of shark are usually predatory.

7. EXACERBATE (VERB): (ख़राब करना): worsen

Synonyms: aggravate, compound

Antonyms: improve

Example Sentence:

Her condition exacerbated on the flight.

8. ABUSE (NOUN): (अनाचार): mistreatment

Synonyms: maltreatment, ill-treatment

Antonyms: care

Example Sentence:

She had a black eye and other signs of physical abuse.

9. REFORM (VERB): (सुधारना): improve

Synonyms: better, refine

Antonyms: preserve

Example Sentence:

The Bill will reform the tax system.

10. CRITICAL (ADJECTIVE): (अवरोधक): censorious

Synonyms: condemnatory, condemning

Antonyms: complimentary

Example Sentence:

I was very critical of the previous regime.

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