🔰Monday, 07 September 2020🔰 - Vocabulary

1. MANIFOLD (ADJECTIVE): (अनेक): many

Synonyms: numerous, multiple

Antonyms: single

Example Sentence:

The implications of the decision were manifold.

2. DISPUTE (NOUN): (विवाद): debate

Synonyms: discussion, disputation

Antonyms: agreement

Example Sentence:

A territorial dispute was held between the two countries.

3. MORATORIUM (NOUN): (रोक): embargo

Synonyms: ban, prohibition

Antonyms: renewal

Example Sentence:

A moratorium was decided on the use of drift nets.

4. PROMULGATE (VERB): (घोषणा करना): publicize

Synonyms: spread, communicate

Antonyms: conceal

Example Sentence:

These objectives have to be promulgated within the organization.

5. DIVERSE (ADJECTIVE): (विविध): various

Synonyms: many, sundry

Antonyms: similar

Example Sentence:

India has a huge culturally diverse population.

6. EMBARK (VERB): (शुरू करना): begin

Synonyms: start, commence

Antonyms: end

Example Sentence:

She embarked on a new career.

7. MASSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (विशाल): huge

Synonyms: enormous, gigantic

Antonyms: tiny

Example Sentence:

I saw a massive rampart of stone.

8. UNDERSCORE (VERB): (बल देना): highlight

Synonyms: underline, play up

Antonyms: play down

Example Sentence:

The report underscored the issues.

9. SUCCUMB (VERB): (झुक जाना): yield

Synonyms: give in, give way

Antonyms: resist

Example Sentence:

We cannot merely give up and succumb to despair.

10. HIKE (VERB): (वृद्धि होना): increase

Synonyms: raise up, put up

Antonyms: lower

Example Sentence:

The government hiked up the price of milk by 40 per cent.

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