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1. Ramifications (noun) फैलाव: Accidental Consequences complicating things

Meaning: Infatuation or Consequences

Synonyms: Complications

Example: There must be rampifications for what they have done to our nation

2. Crippled (adjective) अपंग: Anything not working properly the way it should

Meaning: Disabled

Synonym: Gimpy, Halting, Lame

Example: For a world crippled by COVID-19, salvation hinges on a vaccine

3. Unintended (adjective) अनायास ही: Something done without planning or you did not meant to do that.

Meaning: Not planned or not meant

Synonym: Accidental, inadvertent

Example: Some victims were unintended targets of gunfire on the streets.

4. Dire (adjective) भयानक: Situation or event causing extreme fear and danger

Meaning: Dreadful, Terrible

Synonym: Desperate, Critical

Example: The teams most dire needs are on the defensive end.

5. Projections (noun) प्रक्षेपण: Estimate the future scenario based on current trends

Meaning: Prediction, Forecast

Synonym: Forcing out, Ejection, Protrusion

Example: His father have an optimistic projection for him as a certainty

6. Disruptions (noun) विच्छेद: Problems that interupts any activity or event

Meaning: Collapse, Tension, Crudity

Synonym: Break, Gap, Interruption

Example: In the past, his concern about the climate disruption was discussed by various leaders.

7. Hampered (verb) बाधा डालना: Preventing any progress to happen

Meaning: Hindered

Synonyms: Obstructed, Inhibited, Impeded

Example: The companies tasks got hampered due to the COVID-19 pandemic

8. Pertinent (adjective) उचित: Something relevant or to the point

Meaning: Affecting, Comprehensive

Synonyms: Apt, Relevant, Appropriate

Example: Most of the students took interest in what Shalini was saying and asked her pertinent questions too.

9. Intense (adjective) तीव्र: Strong or extreme

Meaning: Vivid, Acute

Synonyms: Enormous, Extreme

Example: A hot cup of coffee spilled accidently will give an intense pain

10. Bolster (verb) आधार: Offering support to anyone

Meaning: Strengthen, Support

Synonyms: Reinforce, Fortify

Example: To bolstered the resilience of the public, lawmakers said a quicker intelligence community is required

11. Dealt (verb) निपटा: Something given out in portions

Meaning: Distributed, Shared

Synonyms: Apportioned, Pareceled

Example: Some harsh lessons are being dealt out to two teenagers at the same moment

12. Uninterrupted (adjective) निरंतर: Undisturbed continuity of an event

Meaning: Continuous, Undisturbed

Synonyms: Constant, Unbroken, Continual

Example: The work of the National Security Council continues uninterrupted

13. Telemedicine (noun) सुदूर: Diagnosing and treating patients via telecommunication technology.

Meaning: Exchanging of medical information through tele communications.

Synonyms: Tele-health, e-health, Tele-medical

Example:During COVID-19 telemedicine had been a great help in treatment procedures.

14. Prioritize (verb) प्राथमिकता: Ranking on the basis of importance

Meaning: Listing things on priority basis

Synonyms: Categorize, Arrange

Example: The age has been an affecting the way people prioritize their goals

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