🔰Saturday, 05 September 2020🔰 - Vocabulary

1. IMMINENT (ADJECTIVE): (समुपस्थित): impending

Synonyms: at hand, close

Antonyms: remote

Example Sentence:

They were in imminent danger of being swept away.

2. ACCOUNTABILITY (NOUN): (जवाबदेही): responsibility

Synonyms: liability, answerability

Antonyms: irresponsibility

Example Sentence:

Lack of accountability has corroded public respect for political leaders.

3. DENY (VERB): (अस्वीकार करना): refuse

Synonyms: turn down, reject

Antonyms: accept

Example Sentence:

The inquiry was denied access to intelligence sources.

4. EXCAVATION (NOUN): (उत्खनन): unearthing

Synonyms: uncovering, revealing

Antonyms: bury

Example Sentence:

The methods of excavation have to be extremely rigorous

5. SUSTAINABLE (ADJECTIVE): (सतत): continual

Synonyms: continuous, viable

Antonyms: unsustainable

Example Sentence:

Economic growth must be gradual and sustainable.

6. SPUR (NOUN): (प्रोत्साहन): stimulus

Synonyms: incentive, encouragement

Antonyms: disincentive

Example Sentence:

Wars act as a spur to practical invention.

7. DELIBERATE (ADJECTIVE): (सविचार): intentional

Synonyms: calculated, conscious

Antonyms: accidental

Example Sentence:

A deliberate attempt was made to provoke conflict.

8. EMINENT (ADJECTIVE): (प्रख्यात): illustrious

Synonyms: distinguished, renowned

Antonyms: unknown

Example Sentence:

He is one of the world's most eminent scientists.

9. EXTRAORDINARY (ADJECTIVE): (असाधारण): remarkable

Synonyms: exceptional, amazing

Antonyms: ordinary

Example Sentence:

The sight of thousands of flamingoes flying in the sky was extraordinary.

10. INTIMACY (NOUN): (घनिष्ठता): closeness

Synonyms: togetherness. affinity

Antonyms: being unfriendly

Example Sentence:

The intimacy of these two is evident to all.

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