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1. PROTRACTED (ADJECTIVE): (दीर्घ): prolonged

Synonyms: extended, drawn out

Antonyms: shortened

Example Sentence: We were struggling with a protracted and bitter dispute.

2. STEADY (ADJECTIVE): (स्थिर): stable

Synonyms: balanced, firm

Antonyms: unstable

Example Sentence: The lighter the camera, the harder it is to hold steady.

3. DIRECTIVE (NOUN): (निदेश): instruction

Synonyms: direction, command

Antonyms: following

Example Sentence: My only directive to our group was a strong suggestion to act on.

4. UNANIMOUS (ADJECTIVE): (एकमत): united

Synonyms: like-minded, at one

Antonyms: divided

Example Sentence: The doctors were unanimous in their diagnoses.

5. MOOT (VERB): (वाद-विवाद करना): raise

Synonyms: bring up, broach

Antonyms: stifle

Example Sentence: The scheme was initially mooted last October.

6. SAVAGE (ADJECTIVE): (जंगली): ferocious

Synonyms: fierce, wild

Antonyms: tame

Example Sentence: Packs of savage dogs roamed the streets.

7. TOXIC (ADJECTIVE): (विषाक्त): poisonous

Synonyms: venomous, virulent

Antonyms: non-toxic

Example Sentence: She suffered a massive exposure to toxic chemicals.

8. STEEP (ADJECTIVE): (महंगा): expensive

Synonyms: dear, costly

Antonyms: reasonable

Example Sentence: I had to pay a steep membership fee.

9. PERILOUS (ADJECTIVE): (जोखिमी): dangerous

Synonyms: hazardous, risky

Antonyms: safe

Example Sentence: The journey was perilous yet exciting.

10. RELIEF (NOUN): (राहत): respite

Synonyms: remission, lightening

Antonyms: seriousness

Example Sentence: The funny column gave the nation some relief from page after page of war coverage.

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