🔰 Saturday, 29 August 2020 🔰 - Vocabulary

1. SHAMBLE (VERB): (भद्दे तौर पर चलना): shuffle

Synonyms: lumber, totter

Antonyms: run

Example Sentence: He suddenly shambled off down the corridor.

2. AMEND (VERB): (संशोधन करना): revise

Synonyms: alter, change

Antonyms: deteriorate

Example Sentence: The rule was amended to apply only to non-members.

3. FEASIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (संभव): practicable

Synonyms: practical workable

Antonyms: impractical

Example Sentence: It is not feasible to put most finds from excavations on public display.

4. DISMISS (VERB): (ख़ारिज करना): banish

Synonyms: set aside, abandon

Antonyms: entertain

Example Sentence: He suspected a double meaning in her words, but dismissed the thought.

5. NORM (NOUN): (मानक): standard

Synonyms: usual, normal

Antonyms: the exception

Example Sentence:

Women used to stay at home to take care of the children, but that's not norm.

6. JUDICIAL (ADJECTIVE): (न्यायिक): legal

Synonyms: judiciary, juridical

Antonyms: illegal

Example Sentence: A judicial inquiry was required.

7. SUMMON (VERB): (बुला भेजना): send for

Synonyms: call for, ask for

Antonyms: discharge

Example Sentence: A waiter was immidiately summoned.

8. INDUCE (VERB): (मनाना): persuade

Synonyms: convince, prompt

Antonyms: dissuade

Example Sentence: The pickets induced workers to stay away.

9. MANIFOLD (ADJECTIVE): (अनेक): many

Synonyms: numerous, multiple

Antonyms: few

Example Sentence: The implications of this decision were manifold.

10. PERILOUS (ADJECTIVE): (जोखिम का): dangerous

Synonyms: hazardous, risky

Antonyms: safe

Example Sentence: We had to be a part of a perilous journey.

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