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1. SEGREGATION (NOUN): (अलगाव): separation

Synonyms: setting apart, isolation

Antonyms: integration

Example Sentence:

The segregation of pupils with learning difficulties was done.

2. ENTANGLE (VERB): (उलझाना):


Synonyms: entwine, tangle

Antonyms: disentangle

Example Sentence:

Fish attempt to swim through the mesh and become entangled.

3. BATTER (VERB): (मारना):


Synonyms: pound, buffet

Antonyms: aid

Example Sentence:

A prisoner was battered to death with a table leg.

4. COLLABORATE (VERB): (सहयोग करना): fraternize

Synonyms: conspire collude

Antonyms: resist

Example Sentence:

During the last war they collaborated with the Nazis.

5. DISSEMINATION (NOUN): (प्रसार): spreading

Synonyms: circulation distribution

Antonyms: eradicate

Example Sentence:

The dissemination of public information was very necessary.

6. RETRACT (VERB): (वापस लेना): pull in

Synonyms: draw in, pull back

Antonyms: extend

Example Sentence:

She retracted her hand as if she'd been burnt.

7. APACE (ADVERB): (झटपट):


Synonyms: fast, swiftly

Antonyms: slowly

Example Sentence:

Work always continues apace.

8. REVIVAL (NOUN): (पुनस्र्त्थान):


Synonyms: rallying, betterment

Antonyms: downturn

Example Sentence:

A revival in the fortunes of the party was a good news for all.

9. PREDICAMENT (NOUN): (कठिन परिस्थिति): mess

Synonyms: difficulty, issue

Antonyms: advantage

Example Sentence:

The club's financial predicament was evident.

10. SURGE (VERB): (वृद्धि होना):


Synonyms: grow, escalate

Antonyms: decrease

Example Sentence:

Shares surged to a new high.

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