🔰 Sunday, 23 August 2020 🔰 - Vocabulary

1. COMMERCIAL (ADJECTIVE): (लाभ के उदेश्यवाला): profit-oriented

Synonyms: money-oriented, commercialized

Antonyms: non-profit-making

Example Sentence: He hasn’t opened a commercial firm.

2. PRECAUTIONARY (ADJECTIVE): (निवारक): preventative

Synonyms: preventive, safety

Antonyms: careless

Example Sentence: A precautionary measure was meant to be taken.

3. REBEL (VERB): (विद्रोह करना): defy

Synonyms: disobey, flout

Antonyms: obey

Example Sentence: Respect did not prevent children from rebelling against their parents.

4. HOSTILE (ADJECTIVE): (शत्रुतापूर्ण): antagonistic

Synonyms: aggressive, confrontational

Antonyms: friendly

Example Sentence: His talent did not deserve a hostile audience

5. ANTICIPATE (VERB): (आशा करना): look forward to

Synonyms: await

Antonyms: dread

Example Sentence:

Stephen was eagerly anticipating the break from the routine of business.

6. TOPPLE (VERB): (गिर पड़ना): fall

Synonyms: tumble, overturn

Antonyms: rise

Example Sentence: She toppled over when I touched her.

7. RESUME (VERB): (पुनः शुरू करना): restart

Synonyms: recommence, start again

Antonyms: suspend

Example Sentence: A day later normal service was resumed.

8. FRAGILE (ADJECTIVE): (नाज़ुक): weak

Synonyms: delicate, frail

Antonyms: strong

Example Sentence: A small, fragile old lady entered the room.

9. URGE (VERB): (आग्रह करता हूं): encourage

Synonyms: enjoin, adjure

Antonyms: discourage

Example Sentence: Drawing up outside the house, he urged her inside.

10. NOVEL (ADJECTIVE): (असामान्य): unusual

Synonyms: new, original

Antonyms: traditional

Example Sentence: He hit on a novel idea to solve his financial problems.

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