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▪️Presiding (verb) पीठासीन

Meaning:- be in the position of authority in a meeting or other gathering.

Synonyms:- controlling, directing, governing

Example:- The presiding judge scowled as he examined the opening odds.

▪️Huddling (verb) भीड़-भाड़

Meaning:- crowd together; nestle closely.

Synonyms:- bunch, chaos

Antonyms:- arrangement, calm

Example:- They huddle indoors instead of keeping vigorous with exercise.

▪️Deliberate (adjective) विचार

Meaning:- done consciously and intentionally.

Synonyms:- calculated, careful, cautious

Antonyms:- careless, heedless

Example:- “What you choose to think,” he said after a deliberate pause.

▪️Modalities (noun) तौर-तरीकों

Meaning:- a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.

Synonyms:-method, procedure

Example:- To sum up, the modalities of matter are supplied by the feminine germ.

▪️Objections (noun) आपत्तियों

Meaning:- an expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition; a reason for disagreeing.

Synonyms:-challenge, criticism

Antonyms:- acceptance, agreement

Example:- We think there can be no room for objection to any of the articles.

▪️Facade (noun) मुखौटा

Meaning:- a deceptive outward appearance.

Synonyms:- color, exterior

Antonyms:- reality, truth

Example:- It was also forbidden to open the window shutters of the facade.

▪️Aggrandisement (noun) उन्नति

Meaning:- an act or instance of aggrandizing, or increasing in size, or intensity

Synonyms:- elevation, ennoblement

Example:- Rome had been too occupied with politics and aggrandizement ever to become cultured.

▪️Attenuation (noun) क्षीणन

Meaning:- the reduction of the force, effect, or value of something.

Synonyms:- depletion, devitalization

Example:- In spite of the pallor and attenuation, the face had a rare charm.

▪️Railroaded (verb)

Meaning:- rush or coerce (someone) into doing something.

Synonyms:- confine, detain, imprison

Antonyms:- free, let go

Example:- At last we were marched and railroaded back to Philadelphia.

▪️Combative (adjective) जुझारू

Meaning:- ready or eager to fight or argue.

Synonyms:-antagonistic, bellicose

Antonyms:- kind, nice

Example:- Something in his tone roused a combative instinct in his companion.

▪️Ordinances (noun) अध्यादेश

Meaning:- an authoritative order.

Synonyms:- authorization, canon

Antonyms:- disorganization, lawlessness

Example:- Where is an ordinance about pleasure similar to that about pain to be found in your laws?

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