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1. TRITE (ADJECTIVE): (घिसे-पिटे): hackneyed

Synonyms: banal, clichéd

Antonyms: original

Example Sentence: This point may now seem obvious and trite.

2. EXPLOIT (VERB): (अनुचित लाभ उठाना): take advantage of

Synonyms: make use of, abuse

Antonyms: treat fairly

Example Sentence: These workers are at particular risk of being exploited in the workplace.

3. OUTBREAK (NOUN): (प्रकोप): eruption

Synonyms: flare-up, upsurge

Antonyms: pacification

Example Sentence: The outbreak of World War II proved† to be massive.

4. APPEASE (VERB): (शांत करना): conciliate

Synonyms: placate, pacify

Antonyms: provoke

Example Sentence: Amendments have been added to appease local pressure groups.

5. DISSIPATE (VERB): (ग़ायब हो जाना): disappear

Synonyms: vanish evaporate

Antonyms: grow

Example Sentence:

The concern she'd felt for him had wholly dissipated.

6. EXTRADITE (VERB): (प्रत्यर्पित करना): deport

Synonyms: hand over, repatriate

Antonyms: hold

Example Sentence: He will be extradited from the U.S. to Canada to face criminal charges there.

7. BIZARRE (ADJECTIVE): (विचित्र): strange

Synonyms: peculiar, odd

Antonyms: ordinary

Example Sentence: We had to face a bizarre situation.

8. CAMARADERIE (NOUN): (सौहार्द): friendship

Synonyms: comradeship fellowship,

Antonyms: solitude

Example Sentence: Our camaraderie is evident to everyone.

9. CERTAINTY (NOUN): (निश्चय): confidence

Synonyms: conviction, certitude

Antonyms: uncertainty

Example Sentence: She knew with certainty that he is dead.

10. MAR (VERB): (बिगाड़ना): spoil

Synonyms: ruin, impair

Antonyms: improve

Example Sentence: Violence marred all the New Year celebrations.

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